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Wedding Jewellery

Caerynys Shed Jewellery is perfect for those set on an untraditional wedding - may that be barn, beach, or garden. 

We work with you to make the pieces that suit you and your wedding party best. 

caerynys shed jewellery wedding
caerynys shed jewellery weding rings
caerynys shed jewellery weding rings


Your wedding ring is an everlasting symbol of your commitment, so it is vital that it's perfect for you. 

Your rings can be designed to reflect your relationship, perhaps with a similar theme to your partner or with a personal element to each. 

Rings can also be designed to fit with an existing engagement ring, so you can wear both of your special pieces together.

Bridal jewellery sets are available - including necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Your girls are arguably one of the most important parts of your big day, and giving them a piece of jewellery to wear reminds them how much you value them, whilst also serving as a reminder of your friendship for years to come. 

caerynys shed jewellery wedding
caerynys shed jewellery wedding necklaces
caerynys shed jewellery wedding

Personalised pieces with dates or names are perfect to present to your bridesmaids on your special day, such as necklaces and cuffs, or even their own charm bracelet with their own personal charm to celebrate their individual styles.  


From best-man to usher, to father of the bride to ring bearer, the gentlemen in the room are just as important as the ladies. 


Personalised dog-tags, cuff-links and tie pins are the perfect way to say thank you and are also ideal to present prior to the wedding, as a 'Be My Best Man' proposal. 

caerynys shed jewellery wedding
caerynys shed jewellery wedding necklace
caerynys shed jewellery wedding

...and all the bits before

Engagement rings and promise rings are also available to ask that special question in the best way possible. We can also discuss any gemstones you'd like to include that have certain meaning to you other than the traditional diamond, such as birthstones or another particular favourite. We can also help you find out the ring size needed to make everything as smooth as possible, from sending out a ring sizer to helping you measure an existing ring for the ultimate surprise. 

Wedding packages are available, as well as payment plans. Your jewellery packaging can also be customised to suit your wedding aesthetic, such as personalised wooden boxes and gift bags for wedding favours. 

Prices range depending on your chosen metal, design and preferences. To recieve a quote, please get in touch and we can discuss your individual options. 

caerynys shed jewellery engagement ring
caerynys shed jewellery promise rings

Drop us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

Thanks for getting in touch!

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