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Memorial Jewellery

By offering timeless, unique and quality pieces we can provide you with comfort that your loved ones are close by.

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Our Process

All pieces are made by hand, in house. We work with a mix of traditional and modern techniques to produce metalwork of the highest standard, and by working on one memorial piece at a time, we can guarantee that our full dedication goes into your special piece, with undivided attention to detail. We use the highest grade, heat resistant, crystal clear resin for your pieces.

In a delicate and complex process, the resin is built up in layers, resulting in the appearance of your inclusions to be suspended within your piece. The outer layer of your piece is finally added, making a hard and durable exterior to protect its precious contents. After which, your piece is polished to a highly glossy shine.

To ensure your tribute is treated with the utmost care and dignity, no inclusions are discarded during the process, and unused inclusions are returned to you via a fully tracked delivery service once your piece has been perfected. We work with cremation ashes, hair and sterling silver primarily, with breastmilk, pressed flowers and gold pieces available upon request.



Every single cremation ash piece we create is lovingly made by Caitlin, with every tiny grain of ash being transferred to your chosen piece by hand. The resin we use is hard-wearing, ensuring your loved ones remains are always kept safe and sound with you. We make your pieces in a variety of colours, with a high or medium visibility option.


Hair has been used as a memento in jewellery since at least the seventeenth century, whether it being a lock of baby hair, fur from a beloved pet or strands of a greatly missed loved one.

Jewellery For Him


As well as ladies jewellery, we also offer a gender neutral range of pieces.

From cuff links to bar pendants, we've got the perfect memorial piece suited to a more masculine style.

All of our gentlemans range is available in a variety of colours and can include both hair or ashes.

There is no one else we would trust. These beautiful sentimental pieces took our breath away.

The Burridge Family 


The Next Steps


View Our designs 

All of our designs are available here where you can browse through at your leisure in the comfort of your own home, and you can make your way through our order process.


Give us a call

If you would simply prefer to order over the phone, you can give us a call and we can go through the ordering process with you. If you had your own idea in mind you can again call us or send us an email and we can discuss through your various options and bring your idea to life. Video calls are also available.


Your inclusion kit 

After you have placed your order we will send you out a kit to send us your inclusions. This will include everything you need, as well as a prepaid envelope so all you need to do is place a pinch of hair/teaspoon of ash into the bag supplied and pop the envelope back into the post for us. If you'd rather deliver the inclusions yourself, we can also arrange this.


Safe in our hands 

We'll let you know as soon as we've received your inclusions and we'll start creating your jewellery, which will take up to 3 weeks from receiving your inclusions.


Back to you 

As soon as your pieces are ready you will be notified and they will be beautifully gift wrapped and they’ll be sent to you via special delivery, along with any unused inclusions.


Design your own piece

By designing your own commissioned piece you can have the exact piece you had in mind, completely unique to yourself. These sentimental pieces are also perfect for special occasions when a loved ones absence is particularly noticed, such as weddings, graduations or milestone birthdays.


We also offer engraving and metal stamping on our existing designs so you can personalise your special piece with numbers, quotes, names and symbols, for an additional fee.


We will work alongside you to create the idea you had in mind, including incorporating any specific gemstones and any of your own material you'd like to use, for example silver from your treasured inherited pieces.

Your own palette 

As well as this, we mix our own colours here in the studio, so you can commission the exact shade of colour you'd prefer if our preset colours aren't quite right for you, with no extra charge.

If you’d like more information on commissioned pieces, please don't hesitate, we'll do the best we can to help you.

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