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Large Round Memorial Necklace

Large Round Memorial Necklace


~ This square memorial necklace is a beautiful handmade piece of jewelry that is perfect for honoring a loved one who has passed away.

~ The pendant is made from hard-wearing resin and is set in a silver bezel. The necklace is set with a small amount of ashes or hair, making it a truly personal and meaningful piece.

~ It is a perfect way to keep the memory of a loved one close to your heart, and the durable materials ensure that it will last for years to come.

~ The pendant measures 16 x 16mm.

~ Suitable for inclusions of ashes/hair. 

~ Engraving/metal stamping is available. 

~ Made from sterling silver with gold available upon request. 



  • Made to Order

    All of our memorial pieces are made to order, which takes up to 3 weeks from recieving your inclusions.

  • Providing your inclusions

    After your order is recieved, we will dispatch a kit to you via Royal Mail, which will contain all the information and materials you'll need to safely return your inclusions to us. Included in your pack is a measuring spoon, a special sealed bag to keep your loved ones remains safe. Free return postage via special delivery is also included to ensure we can give you the most hassle free experience we can and recieve your inclusions seamlessly and safely. 

  • Engraving and metal stamping information

    Engraving offers you a classic personalistion option and is better suited to quotes and names. Laser engraving gives a concise, crisp style to your piece, with the option of a script or print font. Font size will depend on the length of your chosen words and the size of the piece. 

    Engraving is a set price of £40.

    Metal stamping offers a more handmade and rustic style, and is better to suited to dates and numbers, roman numerals, symbols and single words/names. Each character is handstamped, which provides more of an 'indent'.  The font for words is in 'typewriter'. Our symbols available currently are heart, moon, star, flower, wave.

    Metal stamping is a set price of £20. 

  • Using hair as an inclusion

    The visibility of your loved ones hair is entirely dependent on the colour of the hair, and the chosen colour of your piece. For example, for a higher visibility for light coloured hair, a lighter chosen colour would be recommended. The option to have a low visibility piece is always available no matter the colour of hair. 

  • Visibility and appearance

    Ashes are remarkably individual, ranging from light and coarse to dark and fine. This means that every individual piece is completely unique to the last, just like our loved ones. 

    By building up layers of resin, pigment and inclusions, we can offer you a low or high visibilty option, completely dependent on your personal preference. A high visibilty piece gives the illusion the inclusion is 'suspended' within the piece, in juxtaposition with your chosen colour. A low visibilty piece is more subtle, with the inclusions only being visible under closer inspection. 

    We hand-mix all of our pigments and due to mixing this pigment with organic material minor colour variations may be present in your piece. 

  • Caring for your jewellery

    As with all jewellery pieces, care must be taken to keep your jewellery looking its best. We recommend avoiding harsh chemicals such as cleaning detergents, oils and perfumes, removing your piece whilst exercising and cleaning and storing out of direct sunlight, preferably in its original box whilst not being worn. We also offer a full polish service for any minor scratches or damage and to replace any lost gemstones, just get in touch. 

    A jewellery care card is provided with each piece. 

  • UK Delivery

    All pieces are delivered back to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery and delivers the next day before 1pm and is provided with a tracking number and insurance. 

  • Direct from the funeral home

    We work with a selected number of funeral homes in Wales, where you may have been referred to us from. If this is the case, we will recieve your inclusions directly from the funeral director and you need'nt worry about posting your inclusions to us. 

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